We  discussed scams, which flourish like noxious weeds. Daryl DeBell writes: Regarding scams: Not long ago I received an announcement from an official looking source which said that I was owed money, $202 to be exact, by Metropolitan Life insurance. They had discovered this and for a $20 fee they would collect it for me. Trusting nobody, I decided to contact Metropolitan Life about the matter. I was told that I indeed did have an account with them, and if I would identify myself by giving them my address in Gridley, where the account had been originated, my mother's maiden name, and other sundry information, they would send me the money. I complied, and, wonder of wonders, in a few weeks I received a check for, not $202, but $312! I congratulated myself for cutting out the middle-man, but then felt guilty for depriving them of a fee which they obviously had earned. Upon sober reflection however, I noticed the discrpancy between what I had been told was due to me and the amount I had received, over $100.  I concluded that I had escaped being scammed out of that amount and ceased to feel guilty.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: June 11, 2005