UK: Parliament and Politics

Robert Whealey:writes:  The British Parliament worked best for the majority of the people from 1911 to sometime in the 1960s when Macmillan resigned. He was a liberal Kenyesian in a Tory suit. The Socialists peaked in 1951.  Public opinion is not the same as journalists opinion. The "telly" and the corporations have corrupted the present Parliament in Britain as they have in America. Tony Blair is a chameleon and TV personality. He backs the American informal empire in the Middle East, perhaps 95% of the time. The voters seemed as confused in Britain as the voters in America.  How a Senator or MP represents the people of his/her district is a tricky art.  The MP and Member of Congress has to balance the representative's understanding of history, economics and sociology with Christian/Jewish compassion.  The MPs must imagine what are the long term needs of their constituents, despite the polls. The young politician starts out with high ideals and is likely to become corrupted by money or the polls --overtime. Cynicism and money sabotage democracy and lead to plutocracy.  Wars for more imperial bases corrupt democracy.

RH_ I respect Tony Blair. He gave a splendid election speech.  Money is far less important in British  than in American politics.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: June 8, 2005