Religion: The Christ Story Among American Indians

Floyd Bekins calls our  attention to an article in lhe San Diego Union Tribune about the  Asociacion de Reclamantes'  claim  for compensation, for the $2 billion owed to them by the government of Mexco under terms of its 1971 treaty, upholding their claims which, they say, stem from the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Floyd says: The Reclamantes say that Spain and Mexico had granted the land's title to their ancestors.  Although I take no sides in their issue, I still wonder by whose authority title had been granted to Spain.  Did that all stem from the Aztecs' surrender to Spain's Hernando Cortez, with his bearded appearance causing their leader Montezuma to assume he was the Savior Jesus Christ (whom his ancient Aztec ancestors had named Quetzocoatl) who, in arriving at their shores, was fulfilling his promsie to return to them?

For further insight to this, I refer you to a book by L. Taylor Hansen, Stanford archaeologist, whose father there had been a Stanford Professor.  Published by Legend Press, 9533 Clinton Rd, Amherst, WI 54406, the book, "He Walked The Americas", is a collection of oral reports about that visitor of 2,000 years ago, which had been passed from generation to generation.  The legends, all quite similar, were compiled by Dr. Hansen throughout a twenty year series of visits with the elders of more than two dozen tribes throughout South, Central and North America, and Polynesia.  Before publication of that book, the same legend was learned by recitation to my wife as a child, whose father was Choctaw.Their ancient ancestors were called (in that book) the Puan.

RH: Then I read this, I thought about the Mormons.  Then I came upon this:
Mormon Goddess -- Heavenly Mother Anthology
... by L. Taylor Hansen Ancient Native American Legends of Jesus Christ's ministry in America. These oral traditions were gathered from the 1930's through ... - 88k - Cached - Similar pages
I have not read the book, and I have no opinion about it.

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