Switzerland and the Jews

When Franco encouraged Sephardic Jews to return to Spain he hoped to get into the good graces of the Jewish community. Adriana Pena writes: Cynical Franco might have been in regard to the Jews, but he was still better than democratic Switzerland. Only recently a Swiss court overthrew the sentence of a Swiss policeman who had been condemned for the crime of smuggling Jews into Switzerland.  Are there any  similar sentences of those who smuggled Jews into Spain?  If not, Franco looks better in comparison. (Everything is relative in this world. Remember that they shot Michael Collins for being too moderate....).  RH: Does anyone have information on the Jews in Switzerland?

Regarding Switzerland and the Jews, Robert Whealey recommends Jean Ziegler, Switzerland, Gold and the Dead_-(1998). Here is a comment on it: Of all the flood of books that jumped onto the bandwagon of the Nazi gold scandal once the depth of Swiss collaboration became clear, this was the most devastating, written by a highly qualified academic at the University of Geneva and former Federal Council member – hounded and now politically ostracized for remaining uncowed by the storm of protest his revelations unleashed. His calm condemnation of the entire Swiss establishment for their role in funding the Nazis, perpetuating the war and refusing to come to the help of the Jews endeared him to no one, but he is nonetheless sticking to his guns from the political wilderness. For that if nothing else, this is the cream of the “Nazi Gold” crop.

Ronald Hilton 2005


last updated: June 11, 2005