Sandy Berger

Randy Black denounced Sandy Berger  and asked  "Will be ever be rid of Clinton and his criminal cohorts?", Jon Kofas responds "It is my understanding that Sandy Berger is no longer under investigation, and that he has been cleared, but that mainstream has not reported on this issue. Is there any evidence to the contrary?"  From the UK, John Heelan writes "Is that not similar to Bush's military records being "accidentally destroyed"?. And to Nixon's tapes being destroyed?  To paraphrase Randy Black's question, "What is there that George W. Bush does not want others to find out about his military service?".  RH: I am puzzled. I heard that Berger had been cleared, but I have seen no satisfactory explanation  of the documents scandal.

Sandy Berger is charged with stealing documents from the National Archives, a crazy story. Randy Black writes: "Jon Kofas appears to be misinformed. Berger's investigation is ongoing. What the major media has, in fact, reported is that the materials that Berger illegally removed had already been given to the Sept. 11 Commission via copies. As such, Berger violated the law that he was clearly aware of, but did not take anything that had not previously been available to the Commission. The facts remain that Berger did take materials out of the archives, knowing that it was illegal. The Wall Street Journal, among other major media, has reported both stories.
John Heelan also appears to be misinformed. The President's entire military file was released several weeks ago, including the 12 weeks that had been thought to have been accidentally destroyed during a restoration process that involved tens of thousands of files involving thousands of military veterans. The same cannot be said of John Kerry's military records which Kerry refuses to release".

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