The Bush-Kerry Foreign Policy Debate

Jon Kofas writes: "When President Bush rightfully challenged Sen. John Kerry on whether he would have voted to authorize the executive branch to go to war in Iraq, regardless of the WMD issue, Kerry responded yes, but added that he would have managed the war and the peace much more effectively (he would have used a multilateral approach and waited a bit longer thn Bush to test containment). As painful as it is for me to to admit it, President Bush is correct that the substantative differences between the two candidates are non-existent when it comes to Iraq, though the modalities certainly are something to think about. American citizens we have a choice between a unilateralist-interventionist President who is at least honest about his aggressive foreign policy, and a multilateralist-interventionist (A COMPASSIONATE INTERVENTIONIST!) challenger who believes in managing Pax Americana more efficiently without alienating our traditional allies or the anti-war constituency of the Democrat Party. And where are differences on the Palestine-Israel question when Kerry condemns the Wall one day, only to change his mind and blame those evil Palestinian "terrosists" fighting for self-determination? Would the larger countries among the G-8 go along with a Kerry interventionist policy because he consults a bit more than Bush? Is the force of the Kerry personality so strong as to carry the day with world leaders, or is it the force of U.S. military and economy? Would the world turn more pro-U.S. because of personality changes in the White House, or is the world waiting for substantive policy changes? How blatantly naive indeed, especially after the 9/11 commission report clearly pointed out that "U.S. policies" are at the core of the problem of anti-Americanism and radicalism! Is it any wonder that the "democratic" wing of the Democrat Party turned to Howard Dean for some real representation?"

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