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John Heelan agrees with Peter Orne's negative view of Fox News: "A widespread boycott of FOX News might persuade its advertising sponsors to look elsewhere. Given Rupert Murdoch's appetite for healthy profits irrespective of political allegiance, he might convince the directors of FOX News to return to journalistic integrity to recover its viewers (and thus his profits)". Randy Black on the contrary says: " I find it interesting that nearly four years after the last election, the losing side is still bemoaning the fact that a high percentage of minority voters (in Florida) were not smart enough to follow published, multi-lingual directions at the polling places. Despite the fact that many regions held televised, published and in person classes over weeks and months prior to the last election as to how to vote, many were not able to absorb a few simple directions. The fact of the matter is that all of the lawsuits in Florida were about nothing more than stupid voters, always a difficult fact to bring forward.

It is alway very amusing to see how sensitive the Kerry campaign has become in the past two weeks when the "Not fit" book was published and the Swift Veterans made their objections public. After all of the books about Dubya, published by Kerry's sympathizers, and the Moore movie, and all of the rest of the acquisitions about the President's military records, suddently is it is a crime for the other side to bring forward one little book along with their objections.

The voters are still waiting for Kerry to publish his wife's income tax statement and his personal military records, neither of which have been released".

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