The English Language

Christopher Jones writes: " WAIS stands for the World Association of International Studies, and not the World Association of English Grammar. In a week that saw one of the worst terrorist assaults in history (9/11; Madrid Atocha; Bali; and now Beslan) to dessiminate 11 messages in 24 hours about semi-colons and commas looks pretty strange.  Waisers! An die Arbeit!". RH: We are acutely aware of these events, but, since English is the world language, it merits our sharp attention. I have allowed Christopher's misspelling of "disseminate" to stand as an example of the many I correct each day. For the world language, the spelling of English is a world disgrace. If WAISers cannot master it, how can we expect non-Anglophones to master it? Admittedly minor points of grammar may seem trivial, but English needs agreement on the whole gamut of rules, and this is a subject worthy of attention. WAIS wishes to make people more language conscious. One of its major concerns is languages and international affairs, an immense subject. Incidentally, the sentence beginning "In a week.." does not make sense, which is unWAIS. WAIS language should be grammatical and clear.

Ronald Hilton -