The Muslims and Hungary

Christopher Jones writes: Ramadan was in a famous televised debater on the Forum Social Européen when he was confronted by Nicholas Sarkozy, the hardline then interior minister.  He does wander a bit back and forth -- his brother however is a fundamentalist.. RH: Ramadan and his brother are of course Muslims. The interesting thing is that Sarkozy is a Hungarian immigrant, and that takes us back to our Learning History project. The Muslim Turks defeated the Hungarians at the battles of Kosovo (1389) and Nikopolis (1396).  The Turks occupied most of Hungary.  In 1686 the Turks were expelled from Budapest by the Hapsburgs.   The three centuries of occupation by the Turks must have left a legacy of hatred. This may explain Sarkozy's attitude. There are several Hungarian WAISers.  How was all this described in their history textbooks?.

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