Spain: ETA and the Church

Speaking of the Basque terrorists, I said  ETA may be "a neo-Marxist band of filthy hoodlums", but they claim to be the heirs of the Carlists,  They have Catholic symbols in their meeting places, and the Church has been slow in condemning them. Christopher Jones replies:  What filthy hoodlums say and what they really do are different matters.  While there is ETA and ETA, the movement was always been identified as Marxist, while the Carlists CTC under  Don Sixto Enrique support a traditional monarchy and the restoration of the "foral" rights  so as to avoid the breakup of Spain (admittedly with the brief exception of Carlos Hugo's ill fated Titoist Partido Carlista.). Many consider Tomás de Zumalacárregui the father of Basque independence, but he wanted to march on Madrid, not the other way around.  The Catholicism of ETA goes back to the Ikastolas or Basque schools that were set up to teach the language and inculcate Basqueness.  It is well known however that the Church still maintains a line of communication with the Etarras.  Why?  The Jesuits and San Ignacio?  The Church as usual has played an obtuse and confusing game.  I cannot see anything remotely Christian in an organization that practices murder and extortion, just as I cannot see anything remotely Islamic about the band of monsters who shot children in the back in Beslan.  I should note however, that the degree of outrage in Beslan was way, way beyond anything ETA has been held responsible for. 

RH: I suspect that ETA has two wings, one Catholic, the other Marxist.

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