American Political Conventions

Robert Whealey writes about the two party conventions:  I would like to see some sociological survey of the DNC delegates and the RNC delegates.  The analogy with the Nuremberg Party Rallies was a good insight. My expectation of the survey might reveal that among the Democrats there would be a high level of BA degrees. The Republicans would probably have more technological mechanical skills.The final result would reveal that the blood boils, because of a deficiency of logic.  Republicans use words for their emotional effect--as Orwell understood.  Peace is War, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery.Note how in the last three nights, how often the line national security equals freedom was used.  When I heard Miller, I was hearing Andrew Jackson about 1830.  I did not know whether Guliani was running for mayor of Manhattan, or projecting himself for the Duce of 2008.Both Kerry and Bush have overworked the term "leadership" or as Hitler would say--Der Fuhrerprincip.

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