Islamic Terrorists


Istvan Simon writes: Mr. Sistani seems to be a moderate and helpful voice in Iraq, and he is the supreme Shiite Islamic leader in Iraq. Yet I have heard not a word from Mr. Sistani speaking out clearly and unambiguously condemning the barbarity of the murders of innocent people like the 12 Nepalese unarmed men, or the barbarous murder of Mr. Berg, or to declare that such barbarity is in fact against Islam, and hurting Islam, and finally to order his followers to stop the murderers. The absence of such clear and unambiguous words from a leader of the stature of Mr. Sistani,  whom millions in Iraq respect and follow as their spiritual leader is unforgivable, and makes Mr. Sistani partially co-responsible for these outrageous murders. Islam is followed by a billion people or so in the World, but even a billion people is a small minority in the World's population.  The rest of the World will not sit idle while these imbeciles who want to live in the 6th century  murder people in the name of religion and do their outrageous deeds. The moderate voices within Islam had better wake up, and wake up soon, and do their part to stop these outrages.

RH: My question as to whether there is a connection between Iraqi terrorists and the old Assassins was misunderstood.  It referred not to the mass of Iraqi terrorists but specifically to the small group which bas been beheading people and about which little seems to be known.

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