Mexico: Devil and Gloria Trevi

While the UN General Assembly was meeting in New York, the atrocities continued in Iraq, and hurricanes were devastating vast areas, Mexican TV news was giving top  billing to night club performer Gloria Trevi. She and two other girls were accused of seducing minors, i.s. persuading other girls to join their troupe and presumably engage in sex. Gloria Trevi herself had a baby, which she carried around in maternal style.  She had been in jail for five years, first in Brazil and then, following extradition, in Chihuahua, Mexico. The judge released the three for lack of sufficient proof. Gloria Trevi is a pretty, apparently normal girl, but when she performed in night clubs she was suddenly transformed, going wild as though a devil had possessed her.  My recommendation is that a Mexican priest exorcise her, an operation for which hitherto I had little understanding. The problem is that then the whole crowd of spectators who encourage her diabolical possession should be exorcised, a major task. Too many devils, too few priests. We hope that Gloria Trevi will lead a normal, happy life.

Again this morning the saga of Gloria Trevi was the lead item on Mexican TV news.  A mob of her fans crowded the cathedral of Monterrey for a special service thanking God for her release from jail. She had not been declared innocent, but simply released for lack of sufficient proof. No matter: Deo gratias. She stood in the crowded cathedral holding her baby and smiling mechanically  at her admirers. Then she took off for the US, where her mother lives.  This pop culture, which has taken over the Western world, makes one wonder if democracy is possible. Certainly we should stop intoning "We the people" uncritically.

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: September 26, 2004