MEXICO: Wal-Mart and Teotihuacan

We ran a story about protests against the building of a Wal-Mart store close to the pyramid of Teotihuacán near Mexico City. Randy Black writes: Here’s a link to a story about the Wal-Mart store. Is it really that close to the pyramid, or more likely, miles and miles away? I have been to that pyramid and recall that the only thing nearby are the dozens of stalls manned by the locals catering to tourists. For the full text in Spanish, see

RH: The fight was started by a leftist group, which rounded up a number of local store owners who feared that the Wal-Mart store would hurt their business. They protested to President Fox and to the Governor of the state of Mexico, Arturo Montiel Rojas, for their having authorized the project.  Their argument was silly. They claimed the store was close to the pyramid of Teotihuacán, whereas it is a kilometer away. They `protested against the approval of the construction granted by the National Institute of Anthropology and history.  In fact archeologists say there are no ruins where the store is being built.  The protesters sealed the gate to the construction site and prevented workers from entering.  The story does not say how it all ended.  Presumably the construction workers wanted to keep their jobs, and work continued despite the protesters.

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