Vaclav Havel

 I said I was suspicious of "freedom fighters" and concluded that the pen is mightier than the sword. Istvan Simon comments:I concur. A wonderful modern illustration  of the relative powers of the pen and the sword is the magnificent example of  Vaclav Havel, surely one of the greatest men of the late 20-th and early 21-st century. Vaclav Havel is most certainly a true freedom fighter of the greatest stature, yet he never fired a single bullet nor killed anyone. His weapons were the pen and the power of his ideas. He paid the price in the prisons of communist Czechoslovakia, yet he emerged victorious and led one of the most touching examples of bloodless revolution of modern times, when communism collapsed in Eastern Europe. He should have been awarded  the Nobel Peace prize  long ago, perhaps shared with Gorbachev.

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