War and Peace

Istvan Simon writes:  I mostly agree with Mr. DeBell's comments on excessive patriotism, and far be it from me to promote war in any way.  But I believe that he is wrong in his analysis of the Vietnam war. First, America lost the war in Vietnam, but gained the Peace. 30 years after the end of that tragic conflict, Vietnam is all but begging the United States to return. Second, I believe that President Truman was wrong in dismissing General MacArthur, and thereby settling for a long a bloody stalemate in Korea. By so doing, he planted the seeds of the Vietnam war, the Cambodian massacre of 2 million Cambodians by Pol Pot, and the untold suffering and death caused by Mao inflicted on the Chinese people. As all peace-loving people, I hate  war and would go to great lengths to avoid it. But surely history teaches that to avoid war at all costs only leads to bigger and even more bloody conflicts.

General Robert Gard asks : Does Mr. Simon agree with MacArthur's advocacy of the use of atomic weapons against the Chinese when they intervened in the Korean War?

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