Tlingit Indians

WAIS honorary treasurer Fred Hansson has a great stamp collection, to which I make minor contributions. I am sending him a US stamp labeled "Tlingit sculptures", with a picture of what look like totem poles.  The Tlingit Indians are the northernmost  group of Indians of the US Northwest. They are noted for their beautiful blankets  woven of mountain goat wool.  In common with most other Northwest Coast tribes, they were never placed on reservations. Presumably the stamp was issued in connection with the opening of the Museum of the American Indian. Here is a problem: the goat, like the sheep, is not a native of the New World.  Both were imported from Europe, so the weaving of wool from either must be a post colonization development. The weaving of llama wool  in the Andes was pre-colonial, but we need details. May I repeat my appeal for WAISers to send me interesting stamps, which I will pass on to Fred?

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