Liberation of Iraq

Nushin Namazi (NN) asked; What is illegal about the war in Iraq? Did the Iraqi people not ask for help? Why such opposition to liberating 40 million Iraq's at a cost of 1,000 American Soldiers and 10,000 Iraqi's? Has there been any other war of liberation with fewer casualties? What would happen if the entire world supported America and the Iraqi's in their fight for liberation and peace? Why such irresponsible cyncism? or is it "hip" to be anti-war? RH asked what Nushin meant by " Did the Iraqi people not ask for help?" She explains: I am asking whether the 40 million Iraqi's who were living under oppressive rule of Saddam Hussein deserve to be liberated? Iraqi families whose loved ones were brutally tortured and murdered had  approached the White House and discussed the human rights violations in Iraq with President Bush and had asked him to liberate their country from the hands of Saddam Hussein. Do the needs of the Iraqi civilians have any meaning in this anti-war discussion? Why are the democrats so myopic in this situation? Whether this was a "neocon" plot or not is irrelevant because in this process Iraq will get rid of terrorists and dictators and have an opportunity to experience democracy and peace.

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last updated: October 8, 2004