Saddam Hussein's WMD

Herbert Abrams rejects Randy Black's quotations about WMD.  George Bush: "Iraq possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons," (10/28/02); Rumsfeld: "Saddam possesses chemical and biological weapons" (1/20/03); Cheney: too many lies and spurious propaganda statements on this issue to repeat (although I'll be happy to supply references). 

Why doesn't Mr. Black just show us one concrete piece of evidence that WMD were found? Everyone knows that Iraq "did engage in the issues", as Black quaintly puts it;  U.N. inspectors spent the decade of the nineties exposing the weapons and having them destroyed.  As North Korea goes merrily on its way producing nuclear weapons, Americans and Iraqis keep dying and being maimed for the WMD that weren't there, in a catatonic country that couldn't possibly threaten the U.S., run by a secular brute who wouldn't give the time of day to Osama and his henchmen.  That's the real world, light years removed from the rumbling Black  rumors of "dumping" in the river and the second hand fictions of German intelligence. I assume that Mr. Black feels the Bush-Cheney invasion, having "eliminated" WMD, is now proceeding smoothly along the road to a democratic, free, peaceful Iraq.

While I'm at it, Nushin Namazi's "liberated" Iraqis are dying every day, while her "acceptable" cost of 1000 plus American and 10,000 Iraqi deaths says nothing about the huge number of wounded, and the separated arms and legs that will forever dot the cities and countryside.

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last updated: October 8, 2004