M N Gogate's Website and English Language

Madhukar N. Gogate (India) asks us to post the correct url of his web site:
 http://balasainet.com/mngogate.  We would be interested in any comments he has on Indian affairs.

I call attention to the website of Madhukar M. Gogate ( http://balasainet.com/mngogate) from Poonah, India, a country to which WAIS pays too little attention.  It is interesting because it gives an Indian perspective on language. The native language of the Bombay area is Marathi, but English like Hindi is an Indian national language, and, the way things are going, India will be the country with the most English speakers. There are already more people who speak English as a second language than those who speak it as a first language.  I complain constantly about English spelling. Madhukar Gogate solves the problem with "Globish," described as "Parallel English with neat spelling". I have not had time to examine it. I list only his articles in English,since I doubt that many WAISers know Marathi, his native language.  He communicates in Hindi in Roman script,  This brings up the question of the Romanization of other languages, such as Arabic and Chinese. Here is the English list.  For the text, go to the website.

E01Peculiarities of English Language
E02Globish ( Parallel English with neat spelling )
E03Marathi in Roman script (with sound of 8 proverbs) (also see M12)
E04Roman Lipi Parishad (with 1 photo)
E05Vocalist Nirmala Gogate (with song, and 3 photos)
E06Marathi Vidnyan Parishad
E07Structural Engineering
E08Vastushastra Fallacies
E09Global Numerals
E10Religious Problems
E11Pride and Shame
E12Sanskrit Subhaashit (with sound of 5 verses)
E13Earth Spin Gravity Quiz (related to river linking in India) -
   New Addition
E14Impact of English Language on Marathi - New Addition

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