Randy Black writes: It is always interesting to find another Bush-hating website. does not disappoint. 
But who or what is Are the contributors to the site truly interested in getting the truth out? It would seem not. I read about 20 posts on the site and did a quick web search as to who the folks really are. Here is one opinion:’s home page reads like a Democratic Party billboard – again, offering no point-counterpoint analysis; no balanced news articles; no proper substantiation for the outrageous claims these embittered Democrats have leveled against Bush and other prominent Republicans; and no honest or open discussions for (those)  who wish to debate them. While claiming to represent America and purportedly seeking to “get the truth out,” conceals who they really are: A cornucopia of anti-American, anti-Semitic, pro-Palestine sedition.  Its primary purpose: dumping extreme, Far Left rhetoric into its own little private black hole on the Internet – to anyone and everyone desperate enough to read its acerbic pontifications. Rife with anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiment, truthout’s editor William Rivers Pitt’s columns  are also featured on such leftist Web sites as and the politically partisan In the end, is nothing but a pro-Communistic/Marxist, French-adoring, anti-U.S., Bush-hating virtual gripe fest for U.S. traitors.  Those who visit are able to fuel their overt hatred for Bush and this country with anti-American propaganda.
Who is William Rivers Pitt? A 31-year old teacher from Boston. He is author  of a book: War on Iraq - What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know.

RH: I know nothing about Truthout, but  are its members really seditious, pro-Communist Marxist traitors?

Randy Black wrote a vitriolic attack on Truthout. I commented: I know nothing about Truthout, but  are its members really seditious, pro-Communist Marxist traitors?  Randy replies: No, not really, those are the words of the attacker a the URL I provided, not mine. I figure the folks are funded by George Soros, or some likeness of him, only to disappear once Dubya is reelected next month. Mr. Soros will tire of his efforts to displace Dubya, and the millions he’s wasted on that effort and go back to his real pals at the Carlyle Group, the very people he publicly denigrates, but in fact, is in bed with. Go figure.  RH: I will count Randy's chickens.

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