The First Presidential Debates - More of the Same Foreign Policy?

From the UK John Heelan writes: Reading the transcript of the recent Presidential debate brought home to me just how invisible are Iraqi civilian casualties to both The Bush Administration and apparently to Senator Kerry.   The former does not count Iraqi civilian deaths from military interventions (estimated at to be between 13000-15000 by IraqWatch) while the latter mouths the illogical, and thus less than truthful, phrase "We're 90 percent of the casualties and 90 percent of the costs". Further, both the President and Kerry emphasised the importance to Israel of the US' winning the War. [Bush: "A free Iraq will help secure Israel"   Kerry; "I'm going to get it right for those soldiers, because it is important to Israel, important to America, it's important to the world".] What hope is there for the rest of the world when both the incumbent and the contender continue to ignore what is euphemistically called "collateral damage" and confirm their intentions to continue spending US lives and money supporting Israel?

Ross Rogers, Jr. writes:We need to hear more from Jonh Heelan.   No mention of of Iraqi civilians and military casualties in our media.  They  are not to be counted, they do not exist.  In the Vietnan  the numbers were on TV  evening news  daily like numbers on a pin ball machine.  And, as it appeared in a German newspaper, when Bush  and company finally  establish  a true and honest democracy in Iraq,  maybe the Iraquis will  teach us democracy---assuming they can obtain visas.  Cynical?  We all should be cynical about our great leaders.

RH:Certainly we should stop speaking as though US democracy were the best in the world.  Perhaps the Swiss system would be better suited to Iraq than ours.

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