Alert: Amerians worry about their image in the world?

From the UK, John Heelan wrote: The International Herald Tribune report on a survey by Globescan Inc. of 34,330 people older than 15 in 32 countries world-wide states: "If the world could cast a vote in the United States presidential election, John Kerry would beat George W. Bush by a landslide", Randy Black asks: Did the surveyors indicate the preference of those who live in countries where no one is allowed to vote for their leaders?” Does the survey indicate whether or not they are registered to vote in their home countries, or are likely to vote?  The answer is “no.” It should be pointed out that in Russia, according to that survey, 71% of those asked which candidate they preferred, said either “they don’t know or do not see any difference between the two candidates.” Source: Steve Kull, the University of Maryland:

 It would also appear that Germany and France, the two nations that lost billions of business already on the books with Saddam Hussein, preferred Kerry in the highest percentages. I wonder if Mr. Heelan feels there is any connection? Studying the questionnaire methodology further, one finds that the polls in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and Thailand, included 15-year-old kids in the survey. Do they have the right to vote in those countries? I was not aware that this is the case. On its surface, this would seem to negate a huge portion of the survey results.

RH: I don't see how this  "negates a huge portion of the survey results".  The fact is that Bush is very unpopular around the world, although, as Randy says, those polled may have ulterior motives.

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