The Truth About Dubya's National Guard Duty

Randy Black was a member of the National Guard during the Viet Nam era as were millions of American men. He forwards this defense of the military service of President Bush: "Bush’s National Guard years  Before you fall for Dems’ spin, here are the facts".   For the text, see

Francisco Ramirez asks: What differentiated the men who opted for National Guard service from those who volunteered for service in Vietnam? Are there studies about the differences in the family backgrounds and ethnic/racial profiles of these two cohorts? This is not a Bush versus Kerry question; they do not much differ along the dimensions I identify above. But I think that if you compare enlisted men who served in Vietnam with those who served in the National Guard during the same era,  the percentage of lower income and non-white men who served in Vietnam would exceed those in the Guard. Both constitute service, but one was more likely to be killed or badly wounded in Vietnam. Is it not reasonable to assume that an enlightened sense of self preservation motivated many of the millions who opted for National Guard service? No side monopolizes spin. Both candidates appear eager to convince us that they are truly macho men. Political studs do not often generate smart policy. The next President of the United States should be the one more likely to generate smart policy in the judgement of the voters. Studs are for stud farms. RH: Francisco would seem to be correct, since National Guardsmen (sorry, people) are protesting against being sent to Iraq.

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