Re: Intellectually Challenged GW Bush, If so, So What?

Jim Tent writes: A colleague of mine, a distinguished anthropologist, tells us that he was a classmate of George W. Bush during their undergraduate years at Yale. Young Bush was a happy-go-lucky undergraduate who was widely perceived as a C- performer by most of his classmates, says Chris. No one at that time would have picked him as a future president (unlike Kerry).  However, it is a most uncertain proposition trying to tie an 18-22-year-old's performance at that time to his/her future development. A comparison at valedictorians and their fates at any number of educational institutions with low-enders (and those in between) will produce widely differing results. Surveys of graduates of the military service academies will produce similar results. Thus, discrepancies between IQ ratings and future performance in real-life situations should not and undoubtedly do not surprise WAISers.

That said, I am no friend of George W. Bush (as if anyone cares). However, I have stood back and watched this politician enter into the crowning political race of his career, and I have to say that he is as focused and dedicated as a human being can be to his challenge. I do not say this gladly because I think that he and his minions have made disastrous decisions that have harmed our great nation in the eyes of the rest of the world, and those decisions will continue to harm American interests abroad for many years to come. Nevertheless, Bush realizes that he is engaged in his greatest contest, and he has reacted accordingly.  I hope fervently that Senator Kerry and his team fully understand this fact and that they, too, react accordingly. Please forgive the vulgar comparison, but up to the present this election campaign reminds me of the original version of Sylvester Stallone's film "Rocky" with the ever so intelligent, sophisticated Apollo Creed ultimately succumbing to the loutish but strong-hearted Rocky Balboa. Why? Because for Rocky it was the fight of his life. And Apollo? I shall say no more. Let us pray that in the current presidential contest that life does not imitate art.

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last updated: October 8, 2004