WAIS thanks Maurice Harari and General Michael Sullivan

WAIS thanks our chairman Maurice Harari and General Michael Sullivan for their contributions to the WAIS survival and development fund, and for the kind notes that came with them. 

After a noteworthy university career, Maurice became Secretary General of the International Association of University Presidents, which gave him a global knowledge of academia.  The globalization of academia is a phenomenon of the greatest importance. General Sullivan is an able exponent of the military viewpoint.  Let me once again stress that the aim of WAIS is to get people of different nationalities, religions, languages and politics to exchange ideas in a collegiate fashion. I not infrequently get messages saying that Joe Doakes is an idiot, or words to that effect.  That is a knee-jerk reaction.  Joe's critic then discovers that Joe is a reasonable, well-informed individual who just has a different viewpoint. I do not post the message saying that Joe is an idiot. I wait until Joe's critic sends me a reasonable, well-documented rebuttal which I can post. I fervently pray that he has proofread his rebuttal and knows the difference between "its" and"it's".

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: October 23, 2004