WAIS Thanks Siegfried Ramler

WAIS thanks Siegfried Ramler for his kind contribution to the WAIS survival and development fund, which came with a cordial note. Siegfried enjoys our esteem for several reasons, one being that he speaks beautiful, clear English.  He was an interpreter at the Nuremberg trials (his native tongue in German), and professionally he is attuned to the demands of language. So much dreadful English is heard on TV that there is obvious something wrong with the teaching of English.  In our "democratic" society there may be fear of speaking well lest one be taken for a toff.

There is a a broader reason for respecting Siegfried.  As I said in my note on Maurice Harari and General Sullivan, there is great animosity even among WAiSers. Some detest Bush, some detest John Kerry, some resent the military, some leftist civilians. Most Americans seem to detest the French, who return the compliment.  Given that WAIS is a free forum, all I can do is delete personal insults. The Nazis should not make us forget that there are many nice Germans. Damning a whole people is an old story.  The Jews did it in the Old Testament, and Virgil said "Ab uno discite omnes".  Which brings us to the question of antisemitism. There are many Jews who detest Zionist extremists, just as there are many Germans who detest Hitler.  Cameron Sawyer was right to point out the respect,  even the admiration which many Jews deserve for their contributions to our culture. There are numerous Jewish WAISers, and they are all admirable.  Otherwise they would not have been invited to join WAIS.

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: October 23, 2004