Judy Chicago and Modern Artists

How many place settings are there in Judy Chicago's monstrous "The Dinner Party"? Daryl DeBell writes: Later postings have said that there are 33 place settings, not 39. My hunch is that 3 times 13 is the correct number; 13 being a good, symbolic number. However that shrewd insight gets me nowhere, and I really do not care what Ms Chicago had in mind, if anything. Feminism which strives to free women from male domination, I approve. Feminism which seeks a totally independent existence is perverse.

RH:  Is 13 a good symbolic number? My guess is that for Judy Chicago 13 represented the historic misfortune of women. I am more and more convinced that modern artists are crazy. The recent MOMA show in Berlin shows how they can ëpater le bourgeois.  The Stanford campus is strewn with such aberrations. I propose that the university sell them off to gullible modern art lovers and plant trees in their place. The latest episode is that a Stanford alumnus designed a contraption described as art and demanded that the university administration pay a large sum to make it and place it on the campus. When President John Hennessy turned him down, he expressed outrage. For me it was one more reason to thank Fate for giving us a sane president.

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