France and Antisemitism

Istvan Simon says about  anti-semitism in France: Le Pen has quite a few followers in France, and his anti-semitism is public and well documented. Equally well documented are numerous acts of vandalism and anti-Jewish acts in France, such as desecration of synagogues and Jewish graves in cemeteries  and the like. Now let's move on to America's support of Israel. France was a major supporter of Israel before the 1967 war. In fact almost all of Israel's superb Airforce were based on French-made  Mirage fighters at the time. Following the 1967 war, however, De Gaulle took a cynical and disgraceful 180-degree turn in French foreign policy regarding Israel. De Gaulle's actions can be described only as cynical and disgraceful, because he realized that after all Israel has no oil, but the Arab nations have plenty, and so France has become a major anti-Israeli supporter of the Arab nations ever since, at the expense of Israel. France's views are not motivated by anti-semitism, but merely by the most narrow and short-sighted cynical self-interest. De Gaulle  embargoed all French armaments to the area, a cynical move that affected only Israel, since the Arab nations at the time purchased mostly Soviet weapons. So it was then that Israel's arms industry was born, or at least given  a major boost, as it  became vitally  necessary for Israel to be able to continue to maintain its Mirage fighters and other French armaments. Denied access to it's traditional arms supplier, France, Israel turned to the United States, which turned out to be a more reliable friend of Israel than De Gaulle's France. Thus France is directly responsible for the  close relationship that evolved ever since between Israel and the United States.

From Paris, Carmen Negrín writes:Just a few details overlooked by Istvan Simon: France has the greatest number of French Jews in Europe (fewest percentage of killed during the war) and has also close ties with its ex colonies of North Africa. Anti-French Arab acts have taken place in France for as long as I can remember (I would say much more than acts against Jews) and more recently vandalism against their cemeteries as well...So? All I would deduce is that there are indeed too many Neo Nazis still around. In addition, perhaps there were some reasons for not wanting to support Israel after the '67 war (another illegal war?). In any case, now that Libya has paid its bill and is no longer part of the axis of evil (because it gave up its non existent nuclear weapons), the US (and the EU) can quietly sell arms to an Arab country and get its petrol while supporting Israel and its Palestinian genocide! Who is cynical?

From France, Christopher Jones writes: Carmen Negrín fails to point out that most acts of vandalism against Jewish businesses and synogogues have been carried out by French-Arabs and not "neo-nazis" (who are they?).  More precisely, these "French Arabs" are maghrebi first-generation immigrants and their offspring.  Until France deals openly with the problems of the banlieues, (the suburbs around the big cities that are generally majority Moslem, and the high unemployment among maghrebi youth France has a bomb ticking away inside it.)  The problem is not some nebulous "neo-nazi" movement (I hope she doesn't mean the Front National and its charismatic leader who garnered close to 18% of the vote -- Jean-Marie Le Pen is a "Poujadiste" and not a Nazi, unless Carmen thinks that anybody who is not a rabid, card-carrying marxist is a fascist)  The real problem is the incredible size of the Moslem community in France, the insane immigration policies under previous socialist governments, and the lack of a viable EU immigration policy.  What Carmen and Istvan Simon also fail to mention are the assaults and vandalism on Christian cemeteries and places of worship by Moslem extremists, a subject that never makes the news but occurs on a daily basis.  The only one who addresses this issue is you guessed it, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

John Wonder writes:  What on earth does Carmen Negrin mean by an "illegal war"? I wish people would stop throwing around these  meaningless terms.

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