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New Topics: November 1 - 7, 2004

Benefactors: WAIS Thanks: Veysi Ozcan 11.01.04

Benefactors: WAIS Thanks: Alberto Gutierrez 11.01.04

Benefactors: WAIS Thanks Hank Levin 11.01.04

Benefactors: WAIS Thanks Daryl DeBell and Cameron Sawyer 11.01.04

Benefactors: WAIS Thanks Martin Storey and Robert Gard 11.01.04

Biography: Henry Cavendish 11.01.04

Biography: Somerset Maugham 11.01.04

China: Health care 11.01.04

China: Military Power 11.01.04

Cuba: Che Guevara 11.01.04

Democracy: Coudenhove Kalergi 11.01.04

Democracy: Democratic Caudillo: Franco 11.01.04

Education: Higher Education Teaching Methods 11.01.04

Education: Legende Noire au 18e siècle 11.01.04

Education: Oxford and Magdalen College 11.01.04

Environment: Foxes, raccoons, and cats 11.01.04

Environment: Wild Animals and Great Bustards 11.01.04

History: Revenge is best served cold 11.01.04

Holocaust: David Irving and Calgary Herald 11.01.04

Holocaust: Education and Documentaries 11.01.04

Hungary: Hungarian History after World War II 11.01.04

Internet: SPAM 11.01.04

Iraq: Civilian Deaths 11.01.04

Iraq: Insurgency 11.01.04

Iraq: Liberation 11.01.04

Iraq: Saddam Hussein's WMD 11.01.04

Language: Double Negatives 11.01.04

Language: Hungarian, Chinese, and Japanese 11.01.04

Language: Hungarian Origins 11.01.04

Language: Impact of English 11.01.04

Leaders: Mental Health and Stalin 11.01.04

Newspapers: Different Standards of Reporting 11.01.04

Newspapers: Tatler [sic] 11.01.04

Peru: President Toledo and Fujimoro 11.01.04

Portugal 11.01.04

Religion: Jesus Christ is Cheese 11.01.04

Religion: No Hoax: Jesus Christ is Cheese 11.01.04

Russia: Salaries Increase? 11.01.04

Terrorism: Am-241 11.01.04

United Nations: International Law 11.01.04

United Nations: Internation Law (2) 11.01.04

US: Americans Worry About their Image Around the World 11.01.04

US: European Reaction to Election of G.W. Bush 11.01.04

US: First Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy 11.01.04

US: Americans Worry about their Image Around the World - Jones response 11.01.04

US: World Reaction to Election of G.W. Bush 11.01.04

US: Highly Questionable Visa Policy 11.01.04

US: Highly Questionable Visa Policy - Randy Black 11.01.04

US: Oddity about Elections 11.01.04

US: Election Disaster 11.01.04

Uzbekistan 11.01.04

WAIS: Anthony Smith 11.01.04

War: Declaring War and International Law 11.01.04

History: Old Glory 11.01.04

US: Seattle Times Op-ed on John Kerry and Carter 11.01.04



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November 20, 2004