Healthcare in China

Istvan Simon writes: I indeed did not mention Traditional Chinese medicine in Nanning, in part because I have not experienced it.  There are clinics in Nanning where Chinese traditional medicine is the principal method of treatment, but I have not gone to those clinics.  I went to hospitals and clinics where pretty much Western style medicine is practiced.  Nonetheless, I have greatly benefited from Chinese traditional medicine anyway, because  many medicines prescribed by doctors in China are in fact medicines manufactured in the Western style but discovered by Chinese traditional medicine, containing Chinese herbs and other natural products.   And I can attest to their effectiveness and excellence. Every time I was treated I got truly sensationally effective medical treatment that cured me very quickly.

Of course, perhaps I was just lucky in that nothing I had during my three months in China was very serious, but
still, I must say that I got better faster under the care  of Chinese doctors than what I had been accustomed to under the care of Western medicine in the United States for the same illnesses. So, I have nothing but praise for
the Chinese.

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