Revenge is best served cold

John Heelan writes: Reading Christopher Jones piece about Christ being cheese and later reviewing my research notes from some fieldwork in Granada brought to mind  a particular instance in a bar of that city. Drinking there one night with a friend's father, a true "andalu' de granáa" , he was well into his late 70s and a well-known local patissier.  He invited me to taste a sweetmeat that I had not seen before.   It was flat, biscuit-like in shape and texture, surmounted in the centre by half a glacé cherry placed cut-side down. It was delicious!  I asked what it was called.  My companion replied, with a twinkle in his eye, "un Requeté".   As a Carlist expert and supporter, Chris, you might not  appreciate an old granadino's joy in continuing to take personal revenge, some 70 years later, on  the red-bereted Carlist militia that did so much damage in Granada in the Civil War.

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