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Randy Black says:  I fear that Ed Jajko has fallen victim to another internet hoax regarding the Calgary Herald article. The link to the so-called ‘non-existent’ Calgary Herald article is actually a link to a site owned and operated by notorious anti-Semite and Holocaust denier-author David Irving. WAISers may or may not remember Irving as one of the most famous of the Holocaust denial types who, in fact, has sued dozens of reporters, publications and governments for libel over the years for daring to even utter such accusations, despite the evidence. Irving has lost EVERY lawsuit and is forbidden from even entering a number of countries.  Irving’s writings typically glorify the Third Reich, Hitler, Goebbels and his henchmen. From the site that Mr. Jajko takes us to, Irving claims that he is the victim of a ‘global vendetta.’ Source: http://www.fpp.co.uk/Legal/index.html
If you take the URL furnished by Mr. Jajko <http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/04/08/art_students_1.html.> and delete everything after the ‘uk/’ in the URL, you are taken to the Irving homepage that includes a plethora of anti-Jewish propaganda.  On his home page, Irving accuses Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz of being part of an Israeli Assassination Target Review team, among other outrageous personal attacks on Jews.
The governments of Canada, Austria, Germany and Australia have barred Irving from entering their countries. He has been convicted of defaming the memory of the dead in Germany and has lost civil suits in England and the United States. His most significant legal battle ended unsuccessfully in April 2000 when a British court ruled that American historian Deborah Lipstadt had not libeled Irving when she called him a Holocaust denier. In July 2001, an appeals court denied his request for another trial.

Source: http://www.fpp.co.uk/Irving/biographical/ADL_smearsheet.html
Irving has also become less discreet in using anti-Jewish language. He has referred to Jews as "Shylocks" and "our traditional enemy" and has dwelled on the "international Jewish conspiracy" against him; he says the "big lie" of the Holocaust is "designed to distract attention from even bigger crimes than what the Nazis did…designed to justify, both in arrears and in advance, the bigger crimes in the financial world and elsewhere that are being committed by the survivors of the Holocaust." --ibid.
Fortunately, he lives in London.

Randy Black said:  I fear that Ed Jajko has fallen victim to another internet hoax regarding the Calgary Herald article. The link to the so-called ‘non-existent’ Calgary Herald article is actually a link to a site owned and operated by notorious anti-Semite and Holocaust denier-author David Irving. 

Ed Jajko responds: I protest this posting.  I have not, repeat not, "fallen victim to another internet hoax regarding the Calgary Herald article."  First of all, Mr. Black's posting is in response to a message that I sent to the WAIS list on 10 September of this year.  Unless the readers tend to keep their e-mail messages, as I do, they might not recall the context in which my message was sent.  Hence, for those who do not recall or who do not have the original exchange of messages, this posting can only be misleading.  Second, I protest any suggestion, implication, hint, or anything else that I may have guided WAIS list members to an anti-Semitic web site.  In my posting of 10 September, I responded to a posting by Virginia Abernethy about fake "Israeli art students."  Ms Abernethy gave a URL for the Calgary Herald article.  For me, that link did not work.  I probably did a Google search under the terms "Israeli art students" and found the fpp.co.uk link cited above.  In a spirit of good citizenship and in line with my well over 30 years as a librarian in major research libraries, freely providing information to any and all, I provided the link to the WAIS list.  I grant, my only mea culpa in this, that I did not verify the link to see who or what fpp.co.uk might be.  It was enough for me that that link provided the article that Ms Abernethy had cited, when the URL she had offered did not.  Third, where is the hoax?  Does Mr. Black mean that there is no Calgary Herald, or that there was no incident involving "Israeli art students," or that the article itself is a fake?  Or only that the article appears on the wrong kind of web site?  Fourth, this kind of "gotcha" posting just burns me up, especially when it appears a month and a half after the initial posting, by Ms Abernethy, and a full month after my response.  In proof of the latter point, I offer this copy of my message to the WAIS list, dated 10 September:

>At 09:40 AM 9/10/2004 -0700, you wrote:

>Virginia Abernethy writes: "Remember the dozens of Israeli "art students" poking into sensitive sites in the U.S., and also residing within a few blocks of Mohammed Atta-and-gang in Florida before 9/11?  These art students turned out to be members of the Israeli military and Mossad. After 9/11 they were rounded up and deported. Why are they trying the same [if it's the same, and we never found out what that really was] scam in Canada?  As many as 15 Israelis in Calgary are being linked to a door-to-door art scam that has for years puzzled authorities on both sides of U.S.-Canada border and raised the specter of international espionage.  See "Israeli suspects face immigration hearing" (Calgary Herald, 6/6/04). http://www.canada.com/calgary/calgaryherald/news/story.html?id=85961f1b-

>This link didn't work for me, but I was able to find the Calgary Herald article at http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/04/08/art_students_1.html.

RH: The time lag may be due to the backlog of messages received by WAIS.

Randy Black writes:My humblest apology to Mr. Jajko for the tone of my previous post. My intent was not to insult any WAISer. If I respond to any post, Mr. Jajko, et al, I nearly always respond the same day, or a day later at most, thus, the time lag between my response and when it was posted herein was surely a result of the tremendous quantity of emails that Professor Hilton certainly must receive and which must back up his system and challenge his time management skills. I don’t know how he keeps all of us and our various diatribes organized, but I am grateful that he does and that I am able to become enlightened by the incredible plethora of views and depth of knowledge from this large and esteemed group of folks.
Since the link from Ms. Abernethy did not work for me either, as it did not for Mr. Jajko, I eventually wrote to the Calgary Herald twice, to an editor, to the two reporters mentioned as the authors of the article posted on the anti-Semite site mentioned, and later I called the Herald. The reporters never responded (if they even exist), and the city desk editor with whom I spoke was not familiar with the story. The closest I could come to verifying any of this claim was an August news brief (75 words) in the Montreal Gazette that said that TWO students were arrested, and that the details generally mimicked the story forwarded by Ms. Abernethy.
If there is any lesson herein, it’s to test URLs prior to forwarding them. I can sort of imagine the horror that Mr. Jajko felt when he realized that he had offered us a link from such a horrible website. FYI, on the link that goes to the anti-Semite site, the site, IN SMALL type, clearly states that the story’s graphics, that is the Calgary Herald’s masthead, is inserted by the bad guy, thus, the entire story becomes suspect. Finally, the two reporters given the byline in the so-called Calgary Herald, Emma Poole and Suzanne Wilton, did not respond to my email queries, nor are they known by the man I spoke to, nor are they listed on the staff at that paper using Bacon’s Publicity Guide, the bible of journalism when looking up publications and staff contact information across North America. Perhaps they have moved over to CBS and are now fact checkers for Dan Rather and 60 Minutes.
I have a theory that this story was a fraud from the get-go by someone on the Internet, and that perhaps there were reporters who got hoodwinked into writing it without verification, a la the Dan Rather school of journalism, that it was quickly discovered to be a hoax, and withdrawn from their website. Otherwise, with such an important topic, why has no one else picked up the story.
Again, my apology to Mr. Jajko.

In the debate about  David Irving and the Calgary Herald, Randy Black wrote:My humblest apology to Mr. Jajko...... Again, my apology to Mr. Jajko. Ed replies:Apology accepted.  I agree with the comments about the difficulties faced by Prof. Hilton in handling the WAIS e-mail traffic while also attempting to eat and drink, sleep, and live a normal life.  I proclaim again my mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, in not verifying the URL before passing it along. 

RH:  As the WAIS pontifex maximus, I build a bridge between the two disputants.  I also absolve both Randy and Ed, since they are truly penitent.

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