This quote from a message sent by Mary Huyck is typical of several I have received:"I am curious.  My server keeps telling me that some of my messages to you have not been delivered". 

RH:  The problem is SPAM  It comes in vast quantities and fills my mailbox.  I have just had a session with a Stanford technician, and now in theory all SPAM will be automatically deleted.  The Stanford system is very ingenious, and SPAM comes marked SPAM. The problem is that occasionally it marks as SPAM something which is not.  That is a risk I will have to take. Some WAIS messages bounce back to me with the note that the recipient is over quota. I suppose that again it is due to SPAM.  It is the curse of business, costing billions of dollars. It must also be a problem for the US government and the armed forces, endangering our  national security. There should be a law condemning spammers to death, with in addition torture for their lawyers who claim that it is an issue of free speech.  The problem is that the spammers' lobby in Washington has so much money that Congress will not take effective action.  California passed a strong anti-SPAM law, but Congress then passed a weaker one which takes precedence. Now Virginia has passed a strong anti-SPAM law and is trying to enforce it. Good luck!

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