Re: Peru: President Alejandro Toledo and Alberto Fujimoro

President AlejandroToledo of Peru received an MA from the Economics Department at Stanford and a Ph.D. degree in the Economics of Education. He gave the commencement address at Stanford two years ago. From New York,  Hank Levin comments on a posting describing his immense unpopularity in Peru: Today a took a cab driven by a Peruano.  He kept on talking about the virtues of "El Chino" and hoped that he would return and stand for election.  This man disliked both Toledo and Alan Garcia.  

RH:  "El Chino" (the Chinaman) must be Alberto Fujimori, who is really Japanese.  There was an argument as to whether he could constitutionally be president.  He became president in 1990 and waged a successful campaign against terrorists.  Accused of corruption, he took refuge in Japan and obtained Japanese citizenship to fight extradition. I knew him when he was the virtually unknown president of a Peruvian agricultural college.  He impressed me as an honorable individual.  While one taxi driver does not constitute an opinion poll, it would not surprise me if he returned to Peru.  The problem is that the country is almost ungovernable.

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