No hoax: Jesus was definitely cheese!

Christopher Jones says his message was not a hoax, as some suspected.  He says:  These are certainly bad times indeed when Christ's cheesyness is labeled a hoax.  Invoking the right of self defense, and beginning to feel much like Fray Luís himself who was hauled before the Inquisition, we must delve further into the divinity of cheese.  I am now referring to book IX of Augustine's Confessions which he quotes, "that mountain flowing with milk, that fruitful mountain" -- literally monte incaseato (the mountain of curds -- Latin vulgate "coagulatus".) This was interpreted by Fray Luís as cheese or deformation.  If you add mountain to it, it becomes "mountain of cheese."  By the way this is not at all obtuse: if during the communion you take bread and wine, this is just another allegory about the presence of Christ.  Regarding the virgin birth through the ear, there are many depictions including Raphaël's Sixtine Madonna, 1512-1513 which can be viewed in Dresden at the Gemäldegalerie.

RH: While the bread and wine uf the mass are deeply entrenched in the Western tradition, cheese as a symbol of Christ is not.  In fact, cheeses are the object of many jokes. A serious study would be the change in status of various foods. My guess is that in the time of Fray Luis, when the common man's meal was often just bread and cheese, the two jointly were regarded as the staff of life.  No longer. Times have changed, and to compare Christ with cheese offends Christians, rightly or wrongly.

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last updated: November 20, 2004