Re: International Law and the United Nations

Nushin Namazi says: The French and other European Countries which supported Saadam's Regime are in violation of international laws and should be punished. Specifically, the countries that supported Saadam's regime are in violation of  Principle VI, Section C. Is the United Nations taking any steps to punish countries and leaders who were bribed by Saadam Hussein to support his genocidal actions, support of terrorists, and other actions that threaten world peace? Does the United Nations follow its own laws? or does it develop a blind eye to money? We talk a lot about the use of money in American elections, but what about the use of money in the United Nations? The recent scandal of the oil for food program clearly shows the extent of the corruption. ie. civilized countries such as France sell their principles in exchange for a few billion dollars!! Is this not shameful that the Europeans nations who claim the high road are in fact in bed with these terrorist operators and their backers?

RH: The reference to the UN and international law prompted me to consult Basic Facts About the United Nations. Chapter 6 is devoted to international law. Section c deals with international trade law, and I suppose Nushin is referring to that. Section f, on international humanitarian law, would also seem to apply.  This is a vast, complicated subject which merits careful scrutiny.

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last updated: November 20, 2004