RE: First Presidential Debate: More of the Same Foreign Policy Whoever wins?

Ross Rogers, Jr. says: No mention of of Iraqi civilians and military casualties in our media.  They  are not to be counted, they do not exist.  In the Vietnan  the numbers were on TV  evening news daily like numbers on a pin ball machine.  As a German newspaper, when Bushie  and company finally  establish  a true and honest democracy in Iraq,  maybe the Iraquis will  teach us democracy---assuming they can obtain visas.  Cynical?  We all should be cynical of our great leaders. 

RH: This is harsh, but we should recognize the shortcomings of American democracy. The whole presidential campaign has been a circus, and it was fitting that it ended with Halloween. The intellectual quality of the whole business was illustrated when machines spewed confetti over the roaring crowds.  At a Bush rally, there was a bang: the confetti-sewing machine had exploded.  Trick or treat?

Istvan Simon writes: John Heelan laments the 13000 - 15000 Iraqis that died in  the American effort to liberate Iraq. Perhaps these Iraqis are invisible in the Presidential  Debate, as Mr. Heelan says, but that does not mean that the American People are not aware of them. I, as an American citizen can tell Mr. Heelan that I am very aware of these innocent Iraqis and their deaths and like him I greatly mourn their death. It must be pointed out that quite a few of them were murdered by the Iraqis and the terrorist murderers of Mr. Zarqawi, not by America. But they no
doubt died one way or another in the aftermath of the war.

However, what Mr. Heelan does not seem to take into account are the 3,000,000 Iraqis that were murdered by
Saddam Hussein during his long and bloody stay in power.  In Halabja alone Mr. Hussein and Chemical Ali murdered 5000 people in the most barbarous and  genocidal fashion.  Many thousands of skeletons were unearthed in the Shiite South, following their mass murder 12 years ago. And perhaps it is worth mentioning also that the infamous prison Abhu Ghrabi was built by Saddam Hussein, and used to  murder and torture Iraqis for decades.

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