RE: Alert: Americans worry about their image in the world?

From France, Christopher Jones expresses a viewpoint common there.  After the US presidential elections it is clear that a majority of Americans strongly reject it.  As usual, this post expresses the opinion of the writer, not of WAIS:

That voters in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, the UK and just about every other place on the planet detest George W. Bush is hardly surprising at all.  With nightly news broadcasts of bombed Iraqi children being pulled from the rubble of their home after a US aerial attack and just recently the US efforts to murder the two French reporters on the way to freedom in Syria, American tactics are looking suspiciously like the scorched earth policy adopted by the Nazis when they were on the retreat.  The foreign policy of Bush is beyond belief -- it is deplorable and shameful because it is illegal (according to Kofi Annan) The US has made a mockery of international institutions, and the hypocritical Neo Cons have managed only to make the world an extraordinarily dangerous place -- far more than before the US invasion.  Does Randy Black really expect the Iraqis to "like" Bush and the US after a bomb has fallen on their home?  Does he think that we don't see this every night on our TV screens across Europe?  Although candidate Kerry is exactly as hypocritical as Mr Bush, I tend to doubt that he will start a war with Iran, which is so obviously on Mr Bush's "next" list.  Bush is a fiscal disaster for the US and I contend that he is a bad conservative.  Unfortunately, I think that by manipulating the media thanks to the Jewish moguls who control the press, the Likudnik Bush will be re-elected and then we will be confronted the clash of cultures -- a very, very ominous proposition.

RH: At least Christopher foresaw the outcome of the elections, but it is inaccurate to attribute it to Jewish moguls.  We await the consequences.  What will be the attitude of Europe? Resignation, or even greater hostility? Is the victory of Bush a vindication of the neo-cons? Will they feel encouraged to attach Iran, as Christopher foresees?

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