US: Highly questionable visa policy

Istvan Simon said a truly extraordinary Russian classical guitar player, just 16 years of age was refused a visa by the US. Embassy.  I said they must have given a reason.  Istvan replies:  They did indeed. They told him he just wanted to stay in America, which is not true at all.  He was philosophical about the whole thing.  His comment was "At least my case was not as bad as it was for some female friends, who were also denied. They were told that their Visas were denied because all they wanted to do was to become prostitutes in America." Some people at the U.S. Consulate in Moscow have a lot to answer for. I will write to Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Senators Feinstein and Boxer about this, because this is just a crying shame, and those Consular Officers responsible for this outrage need to be held accountable for their actions.

RH: I cannot imagine a US consular official thus insulting Russian women.  He may have had information that they were being sponsored by human traffickers, and implied that.

Ronald Hilton wrote:
Istvan Simon writes: The United Sates is using capricious and insane methods to issue visas  I talked on the phone yesterday to a friend of mine in California who is a fellow musician, and who has discovered on the web a young Russian prodigy, a truly extraordinary classical guitar player, just 16 years of age. I am absolutely certain that this kid will very soon become world famous; he is in the class of an Andres Segovia. Through the efforts of my friend, this kid got in contact with some top classical guitar masters in the United States, and received an invitation to participate in a 2 week Master's class in the United States. In spite of recommendation letters  from  said American masters his visa was denied. This is insane and shameful.  

RH: They must have given him some reason for denying him the visa.


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