Anthony Smith

The latest message to American Members of Magdalen tells us that the president of the college, excellent WAISer Anthony Smith, will retire in 2005 after "a truly remarkable 17-year tenure at Magdalen".  The message goes on to describe the progress the college has made during his tenure.  The college will celebrate is 550th anniversary in 2008.  Anthony Smith may after his retirement have more time to send WAIS items we can post, such as news of Magdalen, Oxford and education generally. Commercial TV is filling people's minds with junk, endangering Western civilization. Only education can reverse the trend. I am not sure which will win. Anglo-American relations can make an important contribution to world stability and peace, the lack of which always endangers civilization. American Friends of Magdalen College is an important link in Anglo-American cultural relations. Anthony Smith can retire knowing that he has left a valuable legacy.

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: November 19, 2004