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New Topics: December 1-current, 2004

Anthropology and Geography

Brazil: Nuclear Power

Chairman: Hilton on Stanford University

re: Chairman: Stanford University; Perspective from Gene Franklin

Chile: Pinochet and Human Rights

China: Che Guevara

China: Che and Bill Ratliff

China: Women Engineers

Cuba: Che Guevara

Cuba: Fidel Castro and Vocabulary

Democracy: Voting Machines

Education: Embassy Schools in Peking

Education: Higher Education Teaching Methods

Food: Cheese

France: Ivory Coast

France: Ivory Coast Facts

Germany: Neo-Nazis, Anti-immigration policies

Germany and Russians

Holocaust: Jan Karski

International Law and Slavery

International Law and United Nations

International Law and America

Iraq: Bombing of Civilians

Iraq: Insurgency in Iraq

Iraq: Methodology to Calculate Civilian War Deaths

Iraq: Saddam's WMD

Iraq: US Occupation Force

Israel: Alon Pinkas

Italy: Evola and Nietzsche

Italy: Evola and Wolfe

Italy: Julius Evola

Language: Letter "p" and "f" in Parsi and Arabic

Language: Translation problems and powers of interpretation

Language: Translations and Interpretations

Literature: Somerset Maugham

Member Nomination: Hui Chun Mo

Mexico: Walmart

Morocco: Illegal Immigrants

Nature: Bustards and Bunting

Newspapers: The Mirror of London

Peru: President Abima Ael Guzman

Racial Issues: Black on Blacks

Religion: Europe ad Islam and the Murder of Van Gogh

Religion: Islam and Koran

Religion: Jesus Christ and Cheese

Russia: Teaching Profession

Russia: Yusuf Islam and Peace Award

Science: Ethics and Mario Bunge

Science: Ethics and Shockley and Money

Slavery: Jews

Slavery: Jews, Slaves, and Slave Trade

Slavery: The Sudan

United Nations: Corruption

United Nations: Madeleine Albright

United Nations: Powers of Secretary General

United Nations: Reform

United States: Affirmative Action

United States: Armed Forces and Iraq War

United States: Citizenship

United States: Colin Powell, China, and Taiwan

United States: Constructive Self-criticism

United States: Enlightenment

United States: Heinz and Religion

United States: Culture of Crisis vs. Russia

United States: Psychiatry: Is Bush Insane?

United States: Terrorism in Amerca

United States: US Troops Abroad

WAIS: Kofas on Chairman's Herculean Task

WAR: World War II and its aftermath

WAR: War and Weather: Unrelated Cause and Effect

War: World War II and Rift between America and Europe





Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: December 5, 2004