Education: International Embassy Schools in Peking

The daughter of an Iranian diplomat, Nushin Namazi related that in Beijing she went to the English school; there was also a French school. From Paris, Carmen Negrin writes: I know of American-Chinese people and people from the UN who send their kids to the French school, where you also find people from certain non-French speaking Asian countries (such as Singapore), probably because the school now offers what is called the International Baccalaureat. It is much larger today than it was in the '70s; I suppose so is the English speaking one.

RH: With the opening up of China, there must be a boom in education in European languages.  France has made s big push to promote its commercial ties there, and above all Germany has staged trade exhibits all over the country. Germany is vigorously pushing the German language (not its best export), so my guess is that there must now be a German school there.

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