RE: GERMANY: Neo-Nazis, anti-immigrant politicians gain in German elections

Christopher Jones writes about the National Party of Germany (NPD): The leader of the NPD has set a goal for the next federal election: to win enough seats in an alliance of all the various right wing parties to establish a parliamentary grouping.  To this end, the NPD established two weeks ago the National Volks Front together with the DVU, and in the Saxon Landtag, the NPD candidate for Ministerpräsident, received the votes of his fraction, and two additional votes in both rounds of the elections for PM. (The first time around, the CDU candidate and current PM, Milbrand failed to win a majority despite his "grand coalition" with the SPD,  dubbed the coalition of losers.) No right wing party has a future in Europe if it is a "Nazi" party.  Although the NPD has denounced Hitler as a deviant, (echoes of the AN's Gianfranco Fini's denunciation of Mussolini) unfortunately there are some authentic Nazis in the party.  I saw one guy who thinks he is Joseph Goebbels and even steals little Joe's speeches -- pitiful.  These people are card carrying idiots, and should be shoved aside by those who sincerely want to see a credible right-wing alternative presented to the voters.  They have some good issues and it is possible that they will pull it off, but, they do not have a charismatic leader à la Jean-Marie Le Pen -- yet.  With a more presentable face, the NVF could easily attain 15-25% of the vote.  People are fed up, and they're getting as mad as hell.  A constellation that is great if you're a right-winger.

PS:  After the murder in Holland of film maker Theo van Gogh, many are saying that a permanent presence for an anti-immigration right-wing party  in government there is certain.  Simply said, the boat is filled with Moslem immigrants, and if a "NPD" becomes a necessity, the voters will put them in power.  Islamic terror has arrived in Europe's streets.

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last updated: December 5, 2004