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The Mirror, which published a scurrilous editorial about President Bush, belongs to the British gutter press. John Heelan writes: To put things in perspective  I suspect that few of the Mirror's readers get as far as consulting the editorials, owing to their being waylaid by the sports pages, gossip and the Mirror's constant battle to achieve better "nipple-counts" than its competitors. "Dolly Parton for President" might attract their attention far more than Bush.

Randy Black is more explicit: The Mirror of London has the credibility of the US’s National Enquirer, in other words, none whatsoever. Alert WAISers may remember that the Mirror published photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners last year. But then had to admit the photos were faked. The Editor was sacked, as the Brits say, as a result of the fraud. Face the facts: The Mirror targets the uneducated reader who cannot focus long enough on a topic to make their own decisions, the same type of readers who believe that aliens landed in Roswell, New Mexico and that Elvis is alive. The Mirror is famous for such headlines as “The Ultimate Sex Guide,” “Girls Who Love Porn,” and very explicit photos of sexual acts. And that’s only in the past two days.
Now, here’s the scary part. The Mirror frequently has the largest circulation in Britain, approximately 2 million, according the several online sources. This spells legions about the level of intelligence of British readers in 2004.
The good news is that their circulation and advertising revenue is dropping steadily. Source:

(The Mirror) takes a left-of-centre editorial line. Under its then editor Piers Morgan, it was the only tabloid newspaper in the UK to be hostile to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In May 2004, it published what it claimed were photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. The decision to publish the photos, later proved to be fake, led to the sacking of Morgan on 14th May.
For a look at their front pages over the past four days, including the one forwarded by Phyllis Gardner, go to:
The Mirror also printed a few letters to the editors such as this
Bush was reelected by more than 59 million people. Why? A majority of Americans share his values. We are not Europeans, we do not appease our enemies and hope they will leave us alone. Read your own history: Churchill was a political pariah until Hitler proved Chamberlain a fool. Of course you threw Churchill out as soon as he had defeated the Nazi menace. So much for liberal gratitude.

RH: I hope WAISers now realize why I stress that we must progress from an age of freedom to an age of responsibility.  A serious problem in both the US and the UK is that youths show little inclination to read any newspapers.

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