RACIAL ISSUES: Black on Blacks

From Texas, Randy Black writes: Regarding racism in the South, I have seen far more racism in the Northern USA on the part of blacks toward other blacks and at the same time, against, against whites, and for that matter, there is generally more racism elsewhere in the world than in the American South. There are parts of Chicago that are so ‘dark’ that light skinned blacks do not venture there after nightfall, and have not for decades. The same holds for Russia, France, England and even the Dominican Republic.  In Moscow, persons of Arab ancestry in appearance are far more likely to be ‘carded’ by police and in fact are referred to as “blacks” in the Russian language (chorni); In the Dominican Republic, Haitians are treated as dogs although they share the same island. The Japanese look at Koreans as the lowest form of life on earth. Racism is not unique to the USA, just far more likely to be noted by the media of the world. I wonder why?

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: December 5, 2004