RELIGION: Europe and Islam: the murder of Theo van Gogh

Christopher Jones writes: An ominous event occured in the Netherlands that could have repercussions throughout the EU.  Filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered as he walked in Amsterdam; his 26 year old Dutch-Moroccan assailant later told that van Gogh was killed because he made a controversial film attacking the way Islam treats women.  A few excerpts from the attached Guardian article:

'It is terrible. There is madness in the world,' said Fred, 46, a postal worker laying a bunch of blue tulips. 'It didn't happen 40 years ago before the first big waves of immigration.'

Such views, unspoken in the past, are now commonly voiced. 'For too long we haven't spoken the truth about the situation with Muslim immigrants,' said one mourner at van Gogh's offices on the day after his death. 'No one wanted to face up to it. Theo just said what people were thinking.' Van Gogh had as high a profile as Fortuyn - and a similar taste for shocking people. He had been fired by virtually every Dutch newspaper after columns he wrote offended readers. He lambasted strict Catholics and compared the Jewish mayor of Amsterdam to a 'collaborator with the Germans' for taking a soft line on Islam after the 11 September attacks on the US.

Though many called for calm in the wake of the killing, there is now unprecedented support for tough measures. The Netherlands' ruling centre-right coalition has pledged to deport more than 25,000 illegal immigrants from the Netherlands, some of whom have been there for decades, and make language classes compulsory. Prayer leaders in mosques will have to attend lessons in Dutch culture. Last week the Justice Minister said she would strip any migrants convicted of terrorist offences of Dutch citizenship . . . .

As I have long foreseen, Europe will have to deal with the hordes of unvetted immigrants that have polluted the Union over the past years.  But he story also has a moral for WAISers, free speech is a dangerous thing, but it is essential to a democratic society.  When Moslem hoodlums or political correctness stifles opinions, we are all the losers.,3858,5057065-3156,00.html

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