Islam and Koran

I do not know Arabic and I do not have a copy of the Koran. I am puzzled by the contradiction between Mohammed's injunction to his followers to respect "people of the Book" (i.e. Jews and Christians) and the jihabists' claim that the Koran instructs them to kill infidels. A WAISer who has received a threatening message from a Muslim writes:

Scholars  report that the Koran. which is what Bin Laden, Khomeni and the Arabs follow,  instructs a Muslim to kill a non-believer. This "holy" book also gives instructions to cut off someone's hand for stealing. In the Koran, the most common form of punishment for any transgression is death and dismemberment. Koran preaches violence. There is no forgiveness. All of this makes sense given that during Mohammad's times, Islam was used to train a blood-thirsty military force and to justify the Arabs and Mohammed's appetite for women.  Over the centuries, the Islamic clergy have softened the message; 90% of Muslims cannot and have not read the Koran. The real Islam is exactly what the Islamic Republic of Iran has practiced for the past 25 years. Real Islam is exactly what Bin Laden is preaching. Muslims are to kill anyone who reveals or says something bad about Islam (i.e. non-believers). Anyone who reveals the horrible truth about Islam receives death threats or is murdered. This is true even today. The brutal beheading of Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch film maker by Muslims in Holland is an example of the violent nature of Islam. Revealing the terrible truth about Islam is dangerous. There is no free speech under an Islamic government! Some scholars have called for the eradication and abandonment of the religion of Islam as it is incompatible with 21sth century and human rights particularly for women!

RH:  This is a big and important subject Is Islam in its Koranic essence tolerant or violent? Ed Jajko could answer this question.

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