Slavery and Jews

Christopher Junes answers Mihai Nadin; For Mihai's information, this note was written before he joined WAIS.  It concerns Louis Farrakhan's charge that slavery was an invention of Amsterdam Jews.  The leader of The Nation of Islam tried to insinuate that somehow slavery was the product of a Jewish conspiracy which quite obviously it was not.  If my memory doesn't fail me, Ed Jajko wrote that he hadn't found any serious, unbiased material on the subject, so I sent this book review.  I have not read the book nor do I have any interest whatsoever in reading it.  Obviously because slavery was a lucrative business, it attracted Jews to participate in it, just like Mihai's barber was attracted to cutting hair. Or does Mihai think that somehow Jews would have never participated in it? I can only ask: what does he mean?

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