UNITED NATIONS: The powers of the UN Secretary General


John Wonder and others objected vehemently to UN Sevretary General Kofi Annan's declaring the US war in Iraq illegal. Carmen Negrín, who spent her career at UNESCO in Paris, replies: Not only Mr Kofi Annan has the right but he also has the duty to remind countries whether what they are doing is legal or not, he can say it in public, or, as is more frequently done, in private. Whether the 191 Members States, via the Security Council, sanction or not the country in question, be it the US, Cuba or Iraq, is another story. Given the fact that the USA can veto any proposal made within the Security Council, there are little chances for any follow-up to Annan's statement, other than his own non-reelection. Therefore all this talk about the UN being a potential world super power or dictator is pure propaganda.

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last updated: December 5, 2004